Dedicated Towbar Wiring and Diagnostics

Towbar Services Ltd offers Dedicated Towbar Wiring and Diagnostics for all makes and models of vehicle – so that your Towbar electrics integrate perfectly.

Dedicated Towbar Wiring and Diagnostics

Approved Technology

Our equipment is specifically designed to complement our Towbar Fitting and Dedicated Wiring Installations ensuring your vehicle ECU is correctly setup for your Towbar fitment. This means there is no need for expensive, main dealer downloads – everything can be re-coded by us as part of the installation process.

vehicle-specific wiring

Modern vehicles are increasingly being equipped with technologically advanced electronic systems with specific features and settings to aid towing. Our Diagnostics Equipment can facilitate re-coding (where necessary) for the following features:

TSP – Trailer Stability Programme

This feature detects ‘snaking’ whilst towing a trailer or caravan and uses the vehicle’s braking to regain control.

Fog Light Cut-Out

This feature turns off the vehicle’s fog lights when a trailer is plugged in.

Parking Sensors Cut-Out

This feature turns off the reversing sensors when a trailer or caravan is plugged in.

Instrument Display Indication

This feature utilises a light on the instrument panel to indicate trailer signalling is working.

Bulb Failure Detection

This feature can detect when a bulb is not operation on the trailer or caravan.

Towbar Diagnostics